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We are the agricultural machines manufacturer in  Konya city in Turkey. We are  manufacturing these kind of threshing machines more than 20 years. And our manufactured machines are used all over the Turkiye (Turkey). So far we manufactured more than 5000 pcs of threshers and sold them.

You could check our cetificates and referances before you buy our products. Please do not hasitate to contact us for more details and prices for your country.



Manufactured Combined threshers:

Combined Threshers Machines:
 These kind of machines can  be operated with Pulley - belt system or driven by tractor shaft. Thresher processing the wheat, barley, oat, rye similar grains.
With additional apparatuses you also can barvest lentil, chickpea, broad bean etc kind of legume products. This machine can also produce demanded type of straw for stock breeding can be get by changing the sieves.
Crops are cleaned in two sieving sheets. Sacking system provide it to able to put the grain seeds into a sack or to deliver them to a trailer.

Hoppered Type Mobile Thresher Machines:


Hoppered Type Mobile Thresher Machine:
 Thresher is blend the mowed product by collector pallettes. its separate the seed from crop and cover.
To classify the seed from the straw and other substance materials by aspirator fan.
Its processing with high productivity the grains like wheat, barley, oat, rye etc. and legumes like beans, broad beans, chiecpea and lentils can be chopped with changing a few apparatusses.
it collects the crops into hopper or if the crops must be bagged you will be able to bag them and also its own hydrolic lifting system you can deliver the crops which are collected into hopper to the trailer. The straw is blown to the tractor pulled at the back of the hoppered type Multi Purpose Thresher Designed on the base of working in mobile contidions, it now saves from workmanship and time.

Threshing machine manufacturer in Turkey- Agricultural machines manufacturer in Turkey- OZYATAGANLI from Harman Makinesi on Vimeo.